Science Fiction

Good old science fiction, warming the hearts of those who love tech and what it has to offer. It invites curiosity to come in and take a peek at the future or the past.

When it comes to writing science fiction there are a few things you should be careful about. Not only are you toying with reality but also creating new thoughts in the readers heads as well. From experience, science fiction and historical fiction are the hardest to write.

This is because you want to have all of your facts straight and your technology in order before you add it to your writing. Some common mistakes I have seen are: making the device too complicated, changing the past/future too much, or simply not writing it thoroughly.

We want to make sure that we are not changing the past or future too much, especially if  you are thinking about changing a huge event in history. It is better to leave the big things alone. These events happened for a reason whether we liked the outcome or not. Sure it would be nice if the Titanic hadn’t sunk, but a lot of other lives would disappear if you change the past as well.

You don’t want to make a device that is so technology heavy that you can’t explain it with your own knowledge. Truth is, if you can’t comprehend it, how do you expect others to? It is good to use your resources but before making the device make sure that you could verbally explain how to use it and how it works before finally deciding.

I hope this helps all of your thoughtful and always thinking writers! By writing science fiction you’re already more influenced in the area than me. Good luck!