Realistic Fiction

Important Realistic Fiction Items
Important Realistic Fiction Items: Adventure, Friendships/Relationships, Truth, and Attention to Detail

For me, writing realistic fiction and experimenting with it has definitely made me into a better writer. It may not be the perfect solution but I really enjoy the topic and since it is the more “realistic” to any age it makes it more flexible.

I have always felt a calling towards it more than others. There are more resources and people around to help you figure out what is too ridiculous compared to historical times.

When writing realistic fiction it is important to remember the difference between fantasy and reality. Remember that this is reality and you don’t want to write in thing that you would never have the chance of seeing in your own lifetime.

It is okay to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. I personally like writing this kind of writing the most above anything. I think it teaches you more things than other types, but that’s my opinion.

Just remember I am always happy to help if you ever need it. Happy Writing!