Historical Fiction

Think of your favorite moment in history. For me that moment is probably the Titanic, yes I know, it is terribly tragic. However, there is a lot to learn about it. When looking at historical events I like to look at the mistakes that were made, and more importantly how they could have been avoided.

Writing in historical fiction has always been a challenge for me. With a perfectionist’s mindset, I have always felt the need to have every fact straight and perfect. The truth is even if even though your readers will most likely not fact-check you, you always want to have the right information. Check your sources. Double check. Triple check. Check so many times till you don’t want to check any more. Why? Because it’s worth it. No one wants to be that stupid writer who didn’t fact-check their own research.

So even though you may want to throw your notebook, computer, or device out the window by the end of it, please know that there are many other writers out there, right with you. Don’t be afraid of the mistakes you made in the past, just be brave enough the second time around to not make the same mistake again.

I also have provided a link here to help you use vocabulary to help influence your writing.

Good luck on your writing! I hope this helped!