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Once Upon A Time…

Fantasy can be a lot of things. For instance it can take place in historical time periods with the occasional dragon or two, or maybe when you think of fantasy you think of a more modern twist on the mythological stories of the past. Whatever you like most or whatever you feel you need to add to the genre when writing in it, that is what really makes fantasy what it truly is today.

There are many different types of Fantasy, so much so that many people mistake fantasy as just a lump of strange creatures, wizards who are destined to be much more than they know, and the occasional vampire vs. werewolf. Many of us love these stories but there has got to be more for fantasy writing to offer than these few choices right? If not how can we possibly be more original than these couple ideas?

I have had struggles myself when writing fantasy. I guess maybe I was afraid of people comparing my works to famous authors who are known for being great at creating new worlds in our heads. Here’s my advice: If you aren’t motivated to write the stories you have building up in your head, ask yourself why and if you still haven’t come up with a good reason to continue the story than choose one of two options. (1) change up the idea a little and make it more reasonable for yourself or (2) start from scratch. Sometimes the stories we build in our heads sound good to us and we reminisce in their presence within the boundaries of our imagination but once we go and write them on paper we find the many issues within them. As frustrating as this may be, the life of a writer/author (or whatever you may like to call yourself,) is a hard one. We will face trials, ones no one else can see as we fight battles in our own heads. Be victorious but don’t be afraid to throw up your white flag every once in a while. Not all battles are worth losing other potential ideas over.