Naomi’s Poem

I ask the questions, You give me an answer Am I innocent or am I guilty? Seems like that’s everybody’s Million dollar question. Step up to the plate, It’s your turn to play, I don’t care if you don’t like it, Let the ball land where it may. My feet are getting tired, You get [...]

Hazel’s Poem

Broken mirror, Broken mirror, Staring from the wall, Can’t you see what it’s doing to me? I’m scared that I may fall.   Hateful mirror, Hateful mirror, Scornfully looking down You think you know what’s always best But you don’t know much at all.   And here I’m standing, On this open gravel road If [...]

Karson’s Poem

Every time I close my eyes, I look desperately into those crumbling eyes, I have no answer, I hide behind the smile and laugh, But I’m afraid no one any longer laughs at the joke. It’s not something so easy to hide It’s my concealed weapon, Sharp against the edge of my side, Where it [...]

Envisaged Purgatory

I don't understand, You lied. I was told that everything was going to be ok. And then happiness died. And she took everything with her. Purpose. Personality. But not Pain. Pain was the only thing that kept me sane, Or so I thought. You see life seemed to get harder to explain, Words running through [...]