Atticus- "man of Attica" Description: Hair- dark brown hair, slightly curly, cropped fairly short Eyes- heterochomia: Right-green blue hazel Left: chocolate brown, thin shaped, arched eyebrows Distinguishing Marks & Height- chiseled chin, peach-olive toned skin, slight shadows always under eyes, 6'2 Etc.- jock, artistic, intelligent, hop half of the class, good grades, likes museums, wants [...]


Fraser- "Strawberry flowers. Of the forest men." Description: Hair- golden brown, thick on top, shaved on the sides and back. Eyes- clear ice blue eyes, round yet mature in shape. Distinguishing Marks & Height- scar across bottom of chin on the right side, 6'4-6'5 Etc.- protective, anger issues, smoking problem, bored easily, stubborn, likes reading [...]


Tiberius- "Of the Tiber, a River that Runs Through Rome " Description: Hair- light brown, thick but cropped short Eyes- dark gray-blue, almond shaped Distinguishing Marks & Height- freckles across nose and cheeks, Greek coloring (olive toned skin), 6'3. Etc.- fun, lovable, strict/protective, sporty (football, basketball, track), likes the outdoors, camper, hiking, kayaking, casual formal [...]