Ophelia- "help, serpentine " Description: Hair- Strawberry blonde, wavy but not curly, collarbone length Eyes- dark cloudy/murky green, upturned shape Distinguishing Marks & Height- scar across right eyebrow, 5'8 Etc.- book lover, geek, galaxy print, black jeans, chokers, chipped dark purple nail polish, winged eyeliner, tall converse, artistic, plays the flute.


Teagan- "attractive, beautiful" Description: Hair- light brown, shoulder length, straight and fine Eyes- clear blue, round Distinguishing Marks & Height- clear skin, pale, glasses, 5'4 Etc.- Struggles with public speaking, open and polite with others, respectful with unspoken opinions, likes old t-shirts, blue jeans, boots, anything yellow, small family.