Vincent’s Poem

My morning checklist, Got nothing to hide, Have no weight on my shoulders, This life’s been quite a ride. I seen a kid in the hallway Don’t quite remember his name, But if that was me, I’d never have that problem. The other kids they don’t get it, Or what it means to be cool [...]

Karson’s Poem

Every time I close my eyes, I look desperately into those crumbling eyes, I have no answer, I hide behind the smile and laugh, But I’m afraid no one any longer laughs at the joke. It’s not something so easy to hide It’s my concealed weapon, Sharp against the edge of my side, Where it [...]

Envisaged Purgatory

I don't understand, You lied. I was told that everything was going to be ok. And then happiness died. And she took everything with her. Purpose. Personality. But not Pain. Pain was the only thing that kept me sane, Or so I thought. You see life seemed to get harder to explain, Words running through [...]


Atticus- "man of Attica" Description: Hair- dark brown hair, slightly curly, cropped fairly short Eyes- heterochomia: Right-green blue hazel Left: chocolate brown, thin shaped, arched eyebrows Distinguishing Marks & Height- chiseled chin, peach-olive toned skin, slight shadows always under eyes, 6'2 Etc.- jock, artistic, intelligent, hop half of the class, good grades, likes museums, wants [...]

Favorite Writing Songs

Hello everyone! I have found 20 different songs that I have found are the most helpful to loosen all those creative juices in our heads to we can leak them all out into words on paper. Now, you may be curious why I have this list if I already have “Songs you should listen to [...]