My Prince?

I only wanted to honor you With a word, or good deed Seems I chose the latter And you’re watching me bleed   They said you’d be the one To never return home But yet here on the sand I go like I had come   You never dulled Not in the slightest I always [...]

Free Write #2

September 14, 2018 -Excerpt from a book I was writing at the time-   I didn't know what was happening. My vision was blurry in a crystallized form, my stomach was turning and sweat drenched my face. I rolled of the covers in a hurry, rushing myself towards the bathroom. My face was getting hotter [...]

Free Write #1

October 25, 2018 The air was cool, the tiny droplets piercing through the cool soft layers with sharp penetration. Usually I don't mind rain. When I was little I would stand out on my open driveway letting the gentle droplets glide down my bare skin. I would stay like this for as long as I [...]

Naomi’s Poem

I ask the questions, You give me an answer Am I innocent or am I guilty? Seems like that’s everybody’s Million dollar question. Step up to the plate, It’s your turn to play, I don’t care if you don’t like it, Let the ball land where it may. My feet are getting tired, You get [...]