Public speaking can be stressful. Even talking to normal people can be stressful for some. But no matter how much we may despise public speaking, eventually there will come a time where you will cross paths with it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when talking to any type of audience is that you are making this for them not you. You want to keep them entertained and if you don’t think your topic will be fun for them or educate them then change it. Don’t waste your time telling them something they already know. Nobody likes a bored audience.

Keep it simple and fun. You should not bore yourself while you are presenting. No audience will enjoy listening to you if you don’t sound enthusiastic, which I know is hard sometimes.

Remember that nothing is ever going to be perfect but as long as you try your best and stay well prepared you should be just fine. I wish you all luck on your upcoming speeches and the like!


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