Ever since I was little I’ve been told I wasn’t normal

As if there was a definition to normal at all,

Most would hide from the title monster,

While I embraced it and took it as my own,

No don’t worry I don’t hide in your closet at night,

Or stalk you in the streets downtown,

I am human after all, we all are right?

But the title wasn’t what worried me,

It was who people saw me as on the outside,

You see there’s no clue to being normal,

So what life are you leaving behind.

In the daily lives we live today, many are too afraid of judgement,

And they have every right to be because we all fear harassment.

What is the definition of normal might I ask,

Or maybe more specifically, what is yours?

If we all go talking about people behind their backs,

What are we expecting to happen behind our walls?

Normal isn’t popularity of a certain social group,

It isn’t being tough enough on the outside to keep up with our fellow peers,

It isn’t being able to stay within the loop,

Or never changing through the years.

Normal isn’t a reality,

Normal is a fake,

And the sooner we all get this into our brains,

For goodness sake! We could be free!

Think to yourself all of the things you could of been,

But didn’t because it didn’t fit in the category of Normal.


You don’t have to be the person people want you to be,

You’re free to be who you please,

But if it came down to it,

I hope that you’ll choose to make a difference in other people’s lives as you’ll do with your own,

Because not everyone knows they don’t have to be normal…

So let’s show them.

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