Naomi’s Poem

I ask the questions,

You give me an answer

Am I innocent or am I guilty?

Seems like that’s everybody’s

Million dollar question.

Step up to the plate,

It’s your turn to play,

I don’t care if you don’t like it,

Let the ball land where it may.

My feet are getting tired,

You get your sleep, your rest

But from what I can last recall,

You’ve outrun me,

And I’m standing on my last edge.

You think you’re better,

But I know more than to believe it.

I’m so done with all your accusations!

Stop chasing me! I won’t give you the answer you want,

Because I don’t believe it.

So what’s the point in saying it aloud,

We both know I’d be breaking my vow,

Not against you,

But God himself.

Don’t mess with that, because that will have worse consequences,

And you know it.

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