Free Write #2

September 14, 2018

-Excerpt from a book I was writing at the time-


I didn’t know what was happening. My vision was blurry in a crystallized form, my stomach was turning and sweat drenched my face. I rolled of the covers in a hurry, rushing myself towards the bathroom. My face was getting hotter by the second, so in a rush I flung myself towards the toilet in hope to get rid of being lightheaded. My body ached with unknown pains that I did not recognize. With that I started to shake but when I attempted to calm the now violent tremors, nothing worked. As my body ruthlessly disobeyed my eager thoughts, I tried to cry out but no words would form. It was a stupid mistake to think for a second that this nightmare would end. I would forever be the stupid girl who couldn’t finish it off. Finally I could hear my heart slow from its loud and tremendously high pace until it was at a normal hum.

I blinked a couple times and my vision restored itself back to normal. I shook my head in confusion. Maybe this is all just a dream, I thought .to myself. I stood up and as I walked to my bedroom again I said aloud, “Nothing is the matter, get control of yourself. Probably a stupid dream.” With a sluggish and exhausted twelve steps, I walked to my bed and fell with a plop. “Tomorrow will be different,” I mumbled, “no one has to know.” Sleep hit me quickly and I was enveloped by a thick cloud of soft darkness. It wasn’t until bright light shone at my eyes that I woke up. Slowly my hearing returned and I could hear hollering from the other side of my door. My mother, or course. I looked over at my alarm clock. 7:35 a.m. The sun was peeking in through my window right into my eyes. I pushed off my covers and walked to my door and jiggled the handle. “Funny, I thought I unlocked that last night.”

I listened through the door, but could only hear my little brother trying to reason with my angry mother. I heard her stomp off and a few seconds later I heard him messing with my room door handle. The door slowly opened and he jumped when I met him face to face at the opening. I raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing. His expression changed, “Hey, why didn’t you just-,” his voice trailed off as he looked towards the other side of my room by my bed. I waved my hand in front of his face and mumbled, sleep still coating my voice, “hey, kid.”

His eyes slowly met mine. “Hey, um, why are there two of you in here?”

That’s the moment when I realized, that nightmare wasn’t just a bad dream. It was much more. And I finished it, yet everyone would know.


Author’s note:

Just so I don’t get questions about this later, the plot of the story was two siblings who didn’t get along at all (for their own reasons) get stuck together in the strangest ways. The older sister is struggling with depression and blames her little brother because he was the favorite child. She steals some of her friend’s dad’s various pills from a sleepover so that way her parent’s can’t tell what she’s planning. She decides to plan out her death when her brother comes in to interview her for a homework project. The sister reluctantly complies with his wishes and they get talking about things. She confesses why she really hates him, but when the brother gets defensive the older sister out of anger kicks him out and locks the door. She pulls out the pills and shoves them in her mouth before she can look back. That night she wakes up to what she believes is a bad aftermath of taking the pills and runs to the bathroom, but when she wakes up she finds the door still locked from the night before. When the brother uses a spare key he had found earlier to open her room, he finds his sister both standing in front of him and lying dead from her sleep. After short and rushed explanations, the brother cries for help so that his parents may find her but the sister notices that her parents can only see the other version of her.

She is connected to him by spirit and is forced to see how rough his everyday life is as a special kid. As she realizes what kind of life he has been living she begins to understand more. And in return she opens up to him too, yet little do they know that time is cut short at the worst of times.

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