When preparing to speak to older audiences it can be more stressful than usual. Unlike preparing to speak to your HS class or presenting to children, your job is to impress them and to keep them entertained with you subject. The elder part of society have tended to be more well-mannered but more easily bored if the topic does not pertain to them alone. Preparing to speak to an older audience can tend to tug at someone’s head a little more than to preparing to talk to kindergartners. Perhaps the reason for this is that we feel as if we are more likely to be judged for what we say when presenting to those older or more experienced than us. On the other side of things, when speaking to children, one is allowed to be more light-hearted in order to keep the children on track with your words. You want to prepare yourself as much as possible.  This gives them a sense that you are knowledgeable in the area of which you are speaking/presenting. Most importantly, if you finish and feel unaccomplished, know that you did your best regardless of the fact that there is always room for improvements. I have faith in you! Good Luck!


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