Historical Fiction

Step out of your comfort zone(/or into your most comfortable area for those who who love the genre of Historical Fiction), Try writing a new story and step into the groove of historical fiction, there’s so much to explore! We are always accepting pieces of work to share and you will be credited under whatever [...]


Atticus- "man of Attica" Description: Hair- dark brown hair, slightly curly, cropped fairly short Eyes- heterochomia: Right-green blue hazel Left: chocolate brown, thin shaped, arched eyebrows Distinguishing Marks & Height- chiseled chin, peach-olive toned skin, slight shadows always under eyes, 6'2 Etc.- jock, artistic, intelligent, hop half of the class, good grades, likes museums, wants [...]

Favorite Writing Songs

Hello everyone! I have found 20 different songs that I have found are the most helpful to loosen all those creative juices in our heads to we can leak them all out into words on paper. Now, you may be curious why I have this list if I already have “Songs you should listen to [...]


Ophelia- "help, serpentine " Description: Hair- Strawberry blonde, wavy but not curly, collarbone length Eyes- dark cloudy/murky green, upturned shape Distinguishing Marks & Height- scar across right eyebrow, 5'8 Etc.- book lover, geek, galaxy print, black jeans, chokers, chipped dark purple nail polish, winged eyeliner, tall converse, artistic, plays the flute.


Fraser- "Strawberry flowers. Of the forest men." Description: Hair- golden brown, thick on top, shaved on the sides and back. Eyes- clear ice blue eyes, round yet mature in shape. Distinguishing Marks & Height- scar across bottom of chin on the right side, 6'4-6'5 Etc.- protective, anger issues, smoking problem, bored easily, stubborn, likes reading [...]