Support Group – part 2

2. July 23, 2002 I had taken a “shortcut” to school after a few blocks of watching them walk with small talk swirling around them. The one bad part about the shortcut was I would have to pass through some forestry in which you had to watch your back a lot because it was so [...]

Free Write #2

September 14, 2018 -Excerpt from a book I was writing at the time-   I didn't know what was happening. My vision was blurry in a crystallized form, my stomach was turning and sweat drenched my face. I rolled of the covers in a hurry, rushing myself towards the bathroom. My face was getting hotter [...]

Free Write #1

October 25, 2018 The air was cool, the tiny droplets piercing through the cool soft layers with sharp penetration. Usually I don't mind rain. When I was little I would stand out on my open driveway letting the gentle droplets glide down my bare skin. I would stay like this for as long as I [...]

Naomi’s Poem

I ask the questions, You give me an answer Am I innocent or am I guilty? Seems like that’s everybody’s Million dollar question. Step up to the plate, It’s your turn to play, I don’t care if you don’t like it, Let the ball land where it may. My feet are getting tired, You get [...]

Hazel’s Poem

Broken mirror, Broken mirror, Staring from the wall, Can’t you see what it’s doing to me? I’m scared that I may fall.   Hateful mirror, Hateful mirror, Scornfully looking down You think you know what’s always best But you don’t know much at all.   And here I’m standing, On this open gravel road If [...]